My name is Marjolein Schrurs (1994) and I’m a photographer. I don’t leave my house without my camera. I love to stroll for hours through the streets of my neighborhood. Maybe I’ll come across a present. Presents are special moments that I could never think of myself, they surprise me. It’s about that decisive moment that is now happening. It will be gone later. I move as a voyeur through the streets, looking for these moments.


I was born in a small village where everybody knows each other. Now I live in a big city where people live very cramped and close to each other. Theme’s like privacy, loneliness and urbanization always play a big role in my work. I usually tend to make projects in my own surroundings. The daily moments that happen around me inspire me; A dog putting his head through the iron bars of the balcony, to peak at people who pass by. Or a neighbor who has a lot of trouble cutting his hedge. You don’t need to travel far to find beautiful, surprising and absurd things. 



AKV St.Joost Breda | Fotografie&Film | 2020 (HBO)

AKV St.Joost Den Bosch | Minor Arts&Urbanism | 2019 (MINOR HBO)

SintLucas Boxtel | Mediavormgeving | 2016 (MBO)



Kunsthuis, Musschenbroekstraat, Breda | 2022

NowShow, Graduation Launch, AKV| St. Joost, Breda | 2020

360 graden expo | 2020

Unseen Bookmarket, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam | 2019

Weerzien, AKV St. Joost Breda | 2018

Bring your own beamer, Cultuurnacht Breda | 2018



Workshops St.Joost fotografie/film | 2021 - heden

Assistent set dresser film ''Vlag'' van Yousef, Top Notch | Noah’s Ark | 2023

Assistent set dresser bij de serie ''ANONIEM'' BNNVARA | 2022

Set fotograaf + Art director/set dresser bij de film ''Beter een duif'' van Pien Vroonland | 2020

Set fotograaf  bij de film ''Een stil leven'' van Felice Smit | 2020

Set fotograaf bij de film ''Een dun plakje marsepein'' van Luca Struijk | 2020

Bouw installatie ''Inktzwart'' van Iris van der Meule | 2019

Art director bij de film ''Stofje'' van Pien Vroonland | 2018





Foto by Dagmar Pouwelse